3rd Trimester Of Baby Keiran – WK 28 TO WK 37


28 to 36 weeks

Pre-pregnancy weight: 49kg

Maximum weight on 1st Trimester: 50kg

Maximum weight on 2nd Trimester (WK 13 to WK 19):  52.4kg

Maximum weight on 2nd Trimester (WK 20 to WK 27):  55.4kg

Maximum weight on 3rd Trimester (WK 28 to WK 37): 57.3 kg

1st trimester was a breeze, no morning sickness, food cravings etc. 2nd Trimester was also not that bad, just additional routine and hospital visit due to Gestational Diabetes but does not require much medical attention. Oh well, 3rd Trimester proved to be the most challenging Trimester of my pregnancy.

Our activities during 3rd Trimester from WK 28 to WK 37:

WK 28 – GP visit. Experienced chest pain at home, feels like tightening of muscles. I just lie down in our bed then the pain just went away after few minutes. Not sure what’s the trigger because I was just washing dishes.


Prenatal and Remedial Massage

WK 29 – Had another chest pain, happened at work. I ignored the pain then it went away again after few minutes. We had our Prenatal Massage, as usual its very relaxing for me and the baby! And oh, I experienced my first Braxton Hicks! Part of my tummy was so hard, feels like contracting! Collected our baby Keiran’s car seat yay!!! Can’t wait to set up his seat in our car!


RPA Hospital


Still in uniform at RPA Hospital

WK 29 + 6 – The chest pain this time was terrible, comes with Braxton Hicks and it happened at work. I was pulled out from my table then was attended by our company medic. Apparently, cardiac arrest and heartburn has similar symptoms so our medic sent me to Royal Prince Alfred hospital thru ambulance just to make sure that I’m thoroughly checked.  After series of blood tests, blood pressure test and scary X-ray, Thank God it was nothing serious. The doctor’s finding was severe Heartburn or Acid Reflux. I didn’t know reflux could be this bad that it could trigger tightening of chest. As per RPA doctor’s advise, I went to GP for follow up check up. Everything was all good.


Baby Shower for Keiran

WK 30 –  We had the 1st part of baby shower in Sydney with our friends.  I’ve had 2 appointment at Royal Hospital for Women. 1st one was with the Midwife where the MW had a brief chat, checked my well-being and was given Whopping cough vaccine. She also measured my blood pressure and fundal height using tape measure. My tummy seems small according to Keiran’s gestational age so I was referred to have ultrasound for growth scan. Then next one was with my Endocrinologist for routine Gestational Diabetes update. So far so good.  I’ve also had my Dental routine check and clean.

WK 31 – I had my growth scan done at Royal Hospital for Women, it was confirmed that my baby’s growth was 2-3 weeks behind his gestational age. So I was referred to be checked at Pregnancy Day Stay where Keiran’s heart rate was monitored for hours. Everything seems to be OK but we needed to be further evaluated by Maternal Fetal Medicine Department. Professor Welsh handled my case of having Small for Gestational Age, I was scanned thoroughly and was scheduled to be scanned every fortnight to see Keiran’s progress.

WK 32 –  Cot and Changing table assembled by daddyK. Attended 1st Baby Expo where I got a lot of freebies and cheap baby stuffs! Bad thing happened at work when someone decided to steal chips in my table! Traumatic experience! Whew! We had our Maternity photoshoot this week. Went to Royal Hospital for Women  as Outpatient due to extreme back pain, turned out to be heartburn again! Heartburn was proven to be pain in my ass!

WK 33 –  Had a quick hospital tour at RHW to check on facilities and rooms for birthing and attended antenatal class for Breastfeeding Session. Had another visit with Professor Welsh, Keiran’s growth was consistent, in low side though but important thing is he’s growing as per expectation.

WK 34 –  daddyK was sent to hospital due to high blood pressure, most of our friends thought I gave birth already when they saw ambulance and emergency room pics hahah! We had baby Keiran’s place in our car, his car seat professionally installed rear-facing for free. We got voucher from City of Sydney when we’re still living in Waterloo, and had it installed in Baby Things located in Kensington then but they since moved to East Village.  It was hassle-free, no question asked, good customer service and was given another voucher of free service that we plan to use when we’re ready to switch to front-facing.

This week, I started drinking Raspberry Tea Leaf, it’s well-known to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. And all our hospital bags were packed, ready to go! I had my routine check with Dr Hawke, OB-GYN at RHW, was ordered to have blood test. And brief update with my Endocrinologist for Gestational Diabetes where I was instructed to increase the insulin to 20 units.


Pain Relief Options

WK 35 – I attended the most important antenatal class of birthing process in my opinion, The Pain Relief Options. I had no idea how painful it’s gonna be and the effectiveness of the pain reliever. There are 3 available options: Morphine, Gas and the most scary Epidural. My chosen relief at this point was Epidural after learning that the risk is very low. And then I also attended Secret Mother’s Business, another antenatal class where the importance of pelvic floor exercise was highlighted. Then met with Professor Welsh in the afternoon, so far so good. We’re still on track but was advised that we may discuss my birth plan on next visit at WK 37, they showed me Keiran’s breathing in the scan. Wonderful!

WK 36 –  Went to Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s Expo to purchase Keiran’s needs (not really hahah) then went for Prenatal Massage, feels relieved after experiencing menstruation-like pain. I had my last visit with my Endocrinologist for my Gestational Diabetes, gave me form to present before giving birth so the practitioner would be aware of my condition.

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WK 37 – Final week of pregnancy.  We’ve made a bit of Halloween costume, it’s a replica of Krispy Kreme Doughnut yay! I’ve had my last Aquanatal session and visit with my OB-GYN Dr Hawke for quick check on our overall wellness. Then, the final day came to discuss my birth plan. As per Professor Welsh scan, it showed that Keiran’s growth stopped from WK 35, his weight and all other measurements did not progress as expected so they booked me for Induction of labor on 6 Nov 2016. It’s mixed emotions… I was happy that I’m finally over this pregnancy and sad as Keiran will not reach the full-term… And so Keiran’s birth story begins…….


WK 37


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