2nd Trimester Of Baby Keiran – WK 20 TO WK 27

2nd Trimester – WK 20 to WK27

Pre-pregnancy weight: 49kg

Maximum weight on 1st Trimester: 50kg

Maximum weight on 2nd Trimester (WK 13 to WK 19):  52.4kg

Maximum weight on 2nd Trimester (WK 20 to WK 27):  55.4kg

Our activities during 2nd part of my 2nd Trimester from WK 20 to WK 27:

WK 20 + 4 – Antenatal visit with Midwife where I got my GTT Result. Unfortunately, my result was on the high side so I was referred to Diabetes Educator  for Group Study.


Blood Test

WK 20 + 6 –  Met my Diabetes Educator and I was so surprised that with the high result, I would need to take blood samples 4 times a day (after fasting, 1 hr after breakfast, 1 hrs after lunch and 1 hrs after dinner) for close monitoring of sugar levels. Diabetes Educator provided the Blood Glucose Meter device for free (I just need to buy strips luckily with government subsidy) then taught me how to use it as in actual demonstration, yeah my hands were so sweaty because everything was unexpected! Then I met the Dietitian and discussed about the foods/drinks to avoid and allowed portion or amount of carbs in food/drinks to take. I was so sad that I need to control everything but happy at the same time at least the Gestational Diabetes was detected earlier.



WK 22 – GP visit. Advised me to change interval of taking blood samples from 1 hr to 2 hrs as the result was still on high side. Experienced swollen feet and hands – remedy was to elevate the legs at night. Itchy feet and legs that causes wounds – remedy was to put medicated lotion.  And the highlight of the week was my visit with Diabetes Consultant. My blood glucose levels were still on high  side specially after fasting, all results were over the limit so I was told to start injecting insulin! WTF! And just like the finger pricking, there’s another actual demonstration of insulin injection! I was so terrified! I started with 6 units of insulin and got 4 insulin pens for free. Good thing, the insulin has huge government subsidy for my succeeding insulin pen purchase and all the needles are free.

WK 23 – RHW Diabetes Consultant visit. No improvement. Increased insulin units from 6 to 8. Had our Aquanatal Exercise, feeling good after this exercise.

WK 24 – Babymoon in Singapore! Had baby shower prepared by friends (will blog separately). Because of Singapore’s weather was too warm, I had swollen feet and a painful knee, I started to waddle! RHW Diabetes Consultant visit. No improvement. Increased insulin units from 8 to 10 to 12. No matter how much I follow the carbs diet plan, result was still high. Frustrated! GP Visit. Had UTI and was under antibiotics for 5 days! Scared!


Prenatal Massage

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WK 25 – Prenatal Massage. Super relaxed and pampered by this massage after all the Gestational Diabetes drama. RHW Diabetes Consultant visit. No improvement. Increased insulin units from 12 to 14. We were offered to have a 3D/4D scan at the hospital for free as part of blood flow in placenta study. We accepted the offer of course! Its our chance to see our boy again! Baby Keiran’s already in position to go out of my womb, he’s head down.

WK26 – Self-increased insulin units from 14 to 16. My left knee was still painful, my GP advise was to take Panadol but I resist, I hate taking meds while pregnant so I made an appointment with another GP for Accupuncture but he refused to treat me as it may trigger contraction.

WK 27 – RHW Diabetes Consultant visit. Still no improvement. Increased insulin units from 14 to 18.

This 2nd part of my 2nd Trimester has been very hectic with my Gestational Diabetes but its alright. Me and my baby Keiran are well taken care of by our doctors.

So looking forward to last and final Trimester of this pregnancy. Can’t wait to hold my baby, kiss and shower with love! 12 more weeks to go!


1st to End of 2nd Trimester


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