babyK’s Gender Reveal

After days of brainstorming for a fun and exciting babyK’s gender reveal, the dad-to-be came up with the idea to reveal the gender altogether with our friends and family thru  the new Facebook Live.

The Preparation.


Daddy’s Girl or Mama’s Boy


Pink Team Daddy’s Girl


Blue Team Mama’s Boy


The box and the pouch

We got some pink and blue pacifiers to represent babyK’s gender, a small box, pink and blue ribbons.

The Accomplice, our Sonographer!

daddyK: Sarah, we would want to know our baby’s gender but please don’t tell us. If babyK is a boy, please put the blue pacifier to the box and pink pacifier to the dark pouch, vice-versa.

Then, once you’re going to check on babyK’s gender, let us know so we won’t see.

Sarah: Alright!

After an hour of scan, Sarah ask us to look away from the screen, asked for the box and the pacifiers. After awhile, she then passed the box back to us together with the results of the scan.

Then off to the Gender Reveal location, Panorama House at Bulli Tops. Lovely place it is! This is the place where we also announced we’re going to have a baby.

The Revelation


Before the actual revelation, we did 10 questions about old wives tales where the result is a “Boy”, Chinese Gender Prediction and result is a “Girl”. Then we shared the outcome of the Facebook polling in favour of “Girl”.


babyK’s gender box and scans


Blue Team Mama’s Boy


Pink Team Daddy’s Girl

Finally, opened the box and out comes the blue pacifier.

We now present babyK also known as baby “Keiran” 😇


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