2nd Trimester of babyK – WK 13 to WK 19


2nd Trimester – WK 13 to WK 19

Pre-pregnancy weight: 49kg

Maximum weight on 1st Trimester: 50kg

Maximum weight on 2nd Trimester (WK 13 to WK 19):  52.4kg

1st Trimester ended without any major challenges! A lot of worries but yeah worrying will never change the outcome. So from then on, I tried to focus just to enjoy my pregnancy.

I’ll split the 2nd trimester into 2 parts, there’s so much happening in the first 6 weeks of it 🙂

I was under GP and Midwife care from 2nd Trimester.

Our activities during 2nd Trimester from WK 13 to WK 19:

WK 13 – My GP arranged me an appointment with Royal Hospital for Women’s Midwife for further discussion on my High Risk Down Syndrome result. I was referred to Maternal Fetal Department where I was given option 2 options for further testing.

Option 1: Harmony Test – blood assessment, a screening test. This test supposed to know the baby’s gender. But I did not opted this because this is just another screening test, accuracy is 99% with 1% chance of false result. And this is expensive blood test around AU$400.
Option 2: Amniocentesis –   this is diagnostic test. The doctor will get amniotic fluid around my baby, using needle with a high chance of miscarriage. NO WAY! So, I ended up pursuing my pregnancy without further testing on Down Syndrome. I will keep my baby either way.

WK 14 –  GP Visit. I had my flu shot and another blood drawn for Hepatitis B testing (negative). Got my referral for next scan and clearance to do Aquanatal exercise.

WK 15 – Not so good week. I had clogged ear, very strong sense of smell and painful bottom. GP advised me to take panadol but I did not. I just let the pain subside.

WK 16 – Got approval from work for 12-month Parental Leave yay! Super bubbly baby! Baby Bump started to show yehooooo!

WK 17 –  1st Ante-Natal Hospital Appointment at Royal Hospital for Women. Midwife took my weight, height and blood pressure. Background and medical history check. Compiled all my blood and scan results. Gave me a referral for early GTT because of my race, according to her, Asians are prone to Diabetes. Set all the checkup appointments throughout my pregnancy.

WK 18 – Felt babyK’s first strong kick! Noticed darkening of my underarm, so we suspect we are having a baby boy 😛 Purchased babyK’s pram and car seat in Baby Bunting. Brought home the pram while we put the car seat into layby for collection after 3 months. We also had our first Aquanatal Exercise, had so much fun with it!


babyK gender polling

One more week to go, so we started our Facebook gender polling.

WK 19 + 4 – Early Gestational Tolerance Test in Sydney Hospital. I had my fasting from 10pm the night before until the whole duration of test, water is OK. There were 3 rounds of test. Prior taking the 1st one, I was advised that the whole test will take 2 hours and will not be allowed pee in between.

1st round: took blood from my left arm. I was given sweet and annoying GTT drink 75 grams per 300mL then stayed in the comfy reclining chair for another hour. Oh, the staff gave me vomit bowl just in case. I asked for reading materials to entertain myself lols!

2nd round: took blood from my right arm. No nausea, no vomiting. Just thirsty and hungry! Need to spend another hour for the last and final round. Alright, I found an outlet to charge my phone yay!

3rd round: took blood from my left arm again. Finally done! Result will be forwarded to my GP and MW.

WK 19 + 5 – Morphology Scan Day.  Every Mom’s most awaited scan! It took about an hour as our Sonographer had to capture babyK’s internal organs carefully due to the Down Syndrome High Risk thingy. Everything seems perfect, our Sonographer was very happy with the scan result. I was asked to pass urine in the middle of the scan, I’m overly hydrated hahah! When it comes to gender check,  I was asked to walk around. babyK’s hiding the sex organ 😛 babyK started kicking consistently from today, it feels so wonderful and weird hehe! We love you so much babyK from the day you were a little bean!

babyK’s 2nd Trimester video.. caught in the act punching Mommy’s tummy


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