1st Trimester of BabyK


7 to 12 weeks

They say, no pregnancies are alike. Here’s my experiences so far..

My Pregnancy Symptoms:

Clogged ear
Sore breast
Daily allergy suddenly stopped


Nothing unusual. I just love to eat my favourite dish, Pork Sinigang (Sour Soup) and my favourite fruit, Watermelon.

Pre-pregnancy weight: 49kg

Maximum weight on 1st Trimester: 50kg


It so happened that I was transitioning from night to day shift work, so I really can’t tell if it’s the pregnancy or change shift that affected my sleep and eat pattern. I think it’s the change shift. So to eliminate this difficulty, I requested for permanent day shift at work. Body temperature swing. It’s like feeling warm, then very cold the next minute. Painful breasts specially when sleeping, to the point that I had to wear my most comfortable bra.

Morning Sickness:

No vomiting, no nausea, no food aversion. No blood spotting, no miscarriage scare. Just sensitive gums.


No to raw fish and not well-done meat. Soft-serve ice cream. More healthy food and I learned to eat cereals for breakfast.

Our activities during 1st Trimester:


Our little bean!

I was under GP care all throughout my 1st Trimester.


Excited daddyK!

WK 7 – Had my very first scan, ectopic pregnancy scare GONE! Seen our little bean with a very strong heartbeat rate of 156 bpm. Everything still feel surreal! Downloaded several apps, joined Australia-based forum and November Due Date Facebook group.

WK 8 – Excited daddy-to-be picked girl and boy’s name for babyK.  He wants girl, I want boy. I’ve purchased my first maternity apparel and maternity pillow. Started taking Pregnancy vitamins – Blackmores Gold and using anti-stretch marks lotion.

WK 9 – We’ve purchased babyK’s first apparel 😀 Did a lot of research on Centrelink benefits, hospitals, childbirth classes etc.

WK 10 – Down with colds. Plain Panadol is safe for baby as per my GP and Pharmacist. I just took 1 tablet then continued with home remedy of warm water with lemon + honey. I think I felt babyK’s first tiny kick 🙂

WK 11 – Started to feel flutters in lower abdomen. Such a bubbly baby! And farty mommy lols!


DaddyK with babyK’s 1st scan

WK 12 + 1 – Our most awaited week – the last week of 1st trimester! 1st attempt of NT scan. We’ve seen babyK bouncing around and somersaulting! Precious! However, the Sonographer asked us to come back 5 days later for clearer scans.  We scheduled our announcement to be done this week, we can’t hold our best-kept secret for months anymore. We didn’t share the news to our friends and family up to this time, we’ve waited for the 12-wk mark. We called my family first then his family. Can’t contain their happiness and excitement.

We posted an album in Facebook titled “When You See It” where we included some baby stuffs and let our friends guess what was it about. It really comes as a surprise to all our family and friends!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WK 12 + 6 – NT Scan finally. This scan is for Down Syndrome Screening. My test came back as high risk when my age was factored in but we’re not convinced because we’ve seen babyK’s Nasal bone and NT measurement is within the specs at 1.6cm (3-5cm are out of range). According to what I’ve read, there were high rate of false positive. So no, again, we’re not convinced with the result. I was referred to Maternal Fetal Department at Royal Hospital for counselling. Overall, we’re happy to see our babyK actively exercising in my tummy with heartbeat rate of 165 bpm yay!


Already a baby!

Here’s babyK’s very 1st video:

babyK due dates:

20 Nov – based on Last Menstrual Period (my Midwife follows)
18 Nov – based on Dating Scan @ 7 wks (my GP follows)
16 Nov – based on NT Scan @ 12 wks


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