That Precious Moment We Found Out About Our Little Bubba!


2 perfect lines!

When we moved to Sydney, my regular menstrual cycle suddenly changed to 5-7 days earlier, so when I missed my period for about a week I didn’t suspect anything. I just assumed that my period just came back to its normal cycle. On 10th day, I asked him to buy Pregnancy Test on the way home, still not convinced I’m pregnant because of menstrual cramps, bloodspots and painful boobies which are normal symptoms of upcoming period.


That 2 lines!

I went to toilet and had my urine in the slot. One single line immediately appeared. I said, “I knew it, I’m not pregnant”. I put aside the test kit then continued my pee.  When I checked back the test kit, there’s already 2 lines! That 2 precious lines! I run towards the bedroom and asked him, “Are you ready for the result?” Then showed him the kit. We hugged for so long and I cried for joy. We love you, our unexpected little one! We’re beyond blessed!

Some people said, most women would surprise their partner on pregnancy but for me, I would want to share the feeling of joy with my partner by finding it out together.


First GP Visit for Antenatal Check

We had to wait for 4 days before my GP visit due to long Easter holiday. During the waiting days, I researched about the healthcare for pregnancy. I learned about Shared Care between GP and Hospital Midwives if going public. I have private health insurance but I didn’t meet the waiting period of 1 year hehe, anyway as I read it, public healthcare in Australia is competitive so I don’t give a fuss about it.

Me: Dr, I think I am pregnant
GP: What made you think you’re pregnant?
Me: I missed my period and had a positive pregnancy test
GP: Are you happy about it?
Me: Yes, of course! *Wondering why he asked about it*
GP: Ok then. 

I was asked to come back the following day to get urine and blood samples for HIV, Rubella and many other disease. All came back negative. Only urine test came back positive hahah! Then my GP advised about future test options as I’m considered in high risk pregnancy due to my age.

It’s now official, my pregnancy journey begins!


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