Shinara Grill & Lounge @ Pitt St, NSW


Shinara Grill & Lounge

Australia National Day lunch with Housemates.

Our first Australia National Day and we’ve nowhere to go. Beaches are full they say. Then to the rescue! Thanks to our housemates for the Korean buffet lunch treat.

Location: It’s conveniently located in the heart of Sydney, one bus ride from home! Good ambience but not that spacious. The chairs and tables are quite near to each other.

Food: It’s a buffet spread with lots of options for it’s price. We specially liked their chicken, cooked in different ways. All others are prepared the Korean-style, sweet and BBQ. They also serve Japanese Maki, Roti Prata, Lime Frosty and some international eats.

If you are coming as a group, they will give a hot pot with no extra cost. Options are pork, chicken, seafood. Water is free, other drinks are sold separately.

Service: Not much interaction with the staff. Would not be able to comment and rate their customer service. The lady handling the cashier is not welcoming though… LOLs!

Price: AU$15 for weekend and PH lunch.  It’s pretty cheap! It’s in Sydney!

We returned and invited another group of friends on that same week.


I am not a Korean food-fan but with this price and food spread, you will see us Gangnam-stylin’ our way back to this place.


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