Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes, Singapore

Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes

Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes can ONLY be purchased online. There’s an option of Collection and Delivery.

Delivery charge is expensive at S$9.90 or $26.90 for specific timing. We did self-collection, fortunately we know the place. It’s behind Muay Art Fitness where we had our boxing trial.

Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes

We asked if we can purchase one more but was told we have to purchase online in advance as their cheesecakes are made to order. However, if the cheesecake is available, just need to order online and collect it on the spot.

Our super yummy Cheesecake

 Our cheesecake on a box!


I am not a fan of pastries, cakes, bread and the likes but I absolutely love this cheesecake!  I don’t think I will eat other cheesecake if it’s not from Cat and the Fiddle. This is what we ordered…

Sweet and Smokey Taffy

Description from website:

The blend of toffee-sweetness and sea-saltiness is sheer perfection. An Oreo biscuit crust, chocolatey and crunchy, rounds off this astonishing salted caramel cheesecake that’s sure to leave you weak at the knees!

A toffee sweet and salty perfection of salted caramel cheesecake on an Oreo biscuit crust.

Size of cake: Approximately 7 inch and weighs 1.1 kg

Main ingredients*: Caramel, Fleur de sel and Oreo biscuit

For left-over storage:

Freezer – 1 week

Chiller – 3-4 days

They have additional charges for candles, cutleries, etc.

Expenses: S$23.66 thru paypal

Update: We purchased another cake for Father’s Day, this time is the Sicilian Wild Cats. Tiramisu is my favorite, so I hoped that the cake is good. It’s not only good, it’s the best Tiramisu cake! Seems like every cake from Cat and the Fiddle can top all the cake I’ve tasted. 😺

Funny thing, we thought the 4 of us won’t be able to finish the whole cake in one sitting. We were so wrong! We devoured the cake in an instant! Whew! I want more!!!!


Sicilian Wild Cats

 Sicilian Wild Cats

Who can resist a great Tiramisu? We have truly raised the bar for this timeless classic with luscious Mascarpone and premium Marsala wine, finished with a generous dusting of cocoa powder. It is literally too good for words!

Timeless Tiramisu with Espresso and Marsala, the ultimate ‘pick me up’.

Size of cake: Approximately 7 inch and weighs 1.1 kg

Main ingredients*: Espresso (Coffee), Brandy, Marsala wine, White rum, ladyfingers, Mascarpone cheese and cream

*contains alcohol

Expenses: Original price is S$33.70. After member discount of 5% and Father’s Day discount of 20%, I only paid S$25.76 thru paypal

Head Office

Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes

171 Kampong Ampat

KA Foodlink #05-04

Singapore 368330

Phone: +65 6287 0077


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